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Focus: Research on new hydraulic pile cutting technology

with the continuous evolution and development of pile foundation construction methods, China's pile foundation construction has gradually achieved a fine division of labor, and the complete cast-in-place pile construction is divided into hole forming, grouting, reinforcement cage fabrication, and pile head removal. Pre supported piles are divided into precast pile production, pile interpolation and pile head breaking

the cast-in-place pile has low construction difficulty and high pile forming efficiency, which breaks through the composite technology of graphene and other functional micro nano fillers; Cooperating with coating production enterprises and anti-corrosion engineering construction enterprises saves a lot of time, and its application rate is higher and higher all over the world. At present, cast-in-place piles are widely used in railway, bridge, deep foundation, industrial and civil buildings, airports, ports and other pile foundation projects in China. Due to the needs of the building, the pile foundation is better connected with the ground foundation, and the height of the cast-in-place pile will be 0.5 higher than the elevation of Party A m. After forming, the part above the elevation will be cut off to keep the reinforcement intact, and the subsequent construction can be carried out smoothly

in the whole process of pile foundation construction, the efficiency of pile head breaking is the lowest. In China, manual pile cutting is generally used, that is, hand-held air pick operation, then cut the reinforcement through the flame, and then push down the pile head through the excavator. At the artificial pile cutting site, the air compressor and air pick work with high noise, and there is much dust in the broken concrete. Improper protection will damage the workers' bodies, and the operation is labor-intensive. The efficiency of manual pile cutting is that each person cuts the root pile every day (the pile diameter will change at different times). The efficiency is very low, and it can not adapt to the pile cutting of large-scale pile groups, which delays the project progress to a certain extent. At the same time, the domestic labor cost has increased sharply in recent years, and the cost of employing workers for pile cutting construction with high labor intensity and poor working environment is higher. With the gradual improvement of the mechanization of construction, the market urgently needs to promote the efficient special pile cutting equipment widely used in developed countries

the hydraulic pile cutter is mainly composed of power source and working device. The working device is composed of multiple hydraulic cylinders of the same model, which can meet the needs of cutting pile heads of piles with different diameters. The drill rod is made of alloy steel, which can meet the crushing requirements of various grades of concrete. The power source can be fixed pump stations or movable construction machinery. Generally, there are many pump stations used in the construction of pile foundation of high-rise buildings. The overall investment of this combination of equipment is relatively small, which is suitable for the pile head cutting of pile groups; In the bridge construction, the excavator with convenient movement is used, the bucket of the excavator is removed, the hoisting chain of the pile cutter is hung at the connecting shaft of the bucket and the boom, the two kinds of equipment and machinery are combined, and then the hydraulic oil circuit of the oil cylinder of the excavator is connected to the oil circuit of the oil cylinder of the pile cutter at the point 2.5c above the freezing point, which is called the movable point or the pour point, to drive the oil cylinder group of the pile cutter (also known as the pile breaker). This combined pile cutting machine (also known as pile breaking machine) is easy to move and has a wide range of construction areas. It is suitable for projects with decentralized piles and a wide range of operations in this regard

the hydraulic pile cutter adopts a highly modular design, and the pile cutter (also known as pile breaker) can be adjusted according to the number of corresponding modules to adapt to piles with different diameters. The module is connected with the module through a pin shaft, which is simple and convenient for disassembly and assembly

the pile cutting machine (also known as pile breaking machine) adopts hydrostatic radial construction during operation, without damage to the pile matrix and equipment; When applying ACR foaming processing aids during operation, the workers do not touch the working device, adapt to complex terrain construction, and the operation is absolutely safe; High working efficiency, 60 piles cut in 8 hours, no oil consumption and low noise

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